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New Survey: Family Services - Experience of Services Survey for Persons Served

Person Served Name
Axis Office Location *
  :( No, did not experience this  :) Yes, felt I was treated this way by my staff
Have you been treated with dignity and respect while receiving services from Axis? 
  :( Not at all  :) Yes, really well
Have the program staff supported you to focus on the goals you have for yourself? 
  :( Not at all   :) Yes, really well
Were services provided in a way that worked well for you? 
  :( Not at all   :) Yes very much so
Did you get information from your program staff about other services you could access following our service? 
  :( Lots was missing   :) Nothing major was missing 
Was there anything missing for you in the services and resources we provided? 
  :( Did not feel this way at all   :) Yes felt very included on a team
Have you felt included as part of a team working together to help you achieve your goals? 
  :( Not at all   :) Yes felt they were included
Did you feel that other members of your family or important people in your life had a chance to be included in your support from Axis? 
  :( Not at all  Yes in some ways :) Yes a huge amount
Do you believe your knowledge and understanding of the key needs of your child or children has increased because of service from Axis? 
  :( Not at all   :) Yes a huge amount
Has the service you’ve received from Axis helped you reduce safety issues in your home? 
Date Completed *